Less of me


Maybe I’ve just been reading Lamentations a little too much lately. Maybe I need to lighten up.

Fact is, the last two years of my life I’ve spent a significant amount of time thinking about suffering.

Maybe it’s a reaction to the evangelical world’s almost comical current fascination with prosperity and self-actualization – I really don’t know. What I do know, though, is that a seed of a thought has slowly grown to an undeniable conviction that we are massively underestimating the significance, value and meaning of suffering in Christian life.

I hope to write about this topic soon – maybe in a more lengthy format. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with the lyrics of a song by Jon Foreman that has been on repeat on my iPod for more than a year now. I have literally listened to it thousands of times. It’s a great little reminder of the kind of message we don’t like to hear these days:

All along I thought
I was learning how to take
How to bend, not how to break
How to live, not how to cry
But really
I’ve been learning how to die

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5 Responses to Less of me

  1. Brad

    Dude… Brilliant. Please write on this subject more. One of the most significant issues I believe we need to address head on within the evangelical church today! The subject of engaging with – and dare I even say – ‘embracing’ suffering… And then perhaps we may even be able to take it to the extreme (or maybe not so extreme at all) of actually willingly ‘choosing’ suffering on behalf of others to begin to walk in the shoes of the Jesus we so boldly claim to be disciples of. As with your song, this is a thought that has been been playing on repeat in the ipod of my head for the past few years. Keep it coming my friend..

  2. heinzeugene

    Thanks Brad – definitely something I’ve been meaning to write about for ages… and most certainly not the kind of thing people like to read about these days. I’m working on something!

  3. Craig

    Hey Heinz – wow that is definitely a touchy topic, but definitely one which needs addressing. Whilst I have no problem with seeking God’s favour and blessing and in fact I think we should be encouraged to do so. However as with so many things there is anther side to the story. There will be times of hardship and suffering. This has nothing to do with our “faith” or obedience to God, actually often it will be as a result of being obedient to God. It can’t be avoided and certainly we shouldn’t run away from those times. I like the term embrace, it suggests Victory, regardless of circumstances.

  4. heinzeugene

    Hey Craig, yup, I also like “embrace” – it suggests being an active participant, instead of a victim. Also, I think we need to think a little more about about what we understand under the term “blessed” – there’s more to the idea than we usually make it out to be.

  5. Miemmie

    Hi Heinz dis n moelike onderwerp maar meer mese sal daarmee kan assosieer as met die prosperity teologie….dis deel van elke ware kind van God se lewe.Sterkte!

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