Doing the devil’s work for him


I ran across this little snippet in the Wall Street Journal’s review of a Dietrich Bonhoeffer biography (definitely worth a read!) by the writer Eric Metaxas…


Too radical a renegade


He was wholly out of place among the holy rollers. Too radical a renegade for the mainstream…


In the beginning…


I have probably read it hundreds of times – far more than any other passage of scripture – yet it still blows my mind.

Switchfoot on living the dream


After a whirlwind visit a few years ago, San Diego rockers Switchfoot have finally made it back to South Africa. In this interview, they chat about their new project.


The answer to the question


I’ll never forget my first day at university as a theology undergrad. I was convinced that I had finally arrived at a place where all the many questions that had been weighing on my mind would be answered.


Thoughts on losing your life


Serving God is not about achieving your own goals or even about “having a great life,” but about living for something that transcends your material, earthly existence.


Less of me


Maybe I’ve just been reading Lamentations a little too much lately. Maybe I need to lighten up. Fact is, the last two years of my life I’ve spent a significant amount of time thinking about suffering. Maybe it’s a reaction to the evangelical world’s almost comical current fascination with prosperity and self-actualization – I really don’t know. What I do …


Science vs faith? Really?

science faith

“Science without religion is lame, and religion without science is blind,” a crazy scientist with really bad hair and a wild look in his eyes once said. His name was Albert Einstein, and although he most certainly was no theist, he was verbalizing an idea that would not have seemed too foreign to his contemporaries. But while Einstein’s offhand remark …


Talking sense about sin


Sin. Have you ever really bothered to sit down and think through the concept? Let’s be honest: the mere mention of the word brings to mind a stupendously long list of things that you’re not supposed to do.

Dove Awards: Switchfoot nabs Best Rock Song statue


Atlanta’s landmark Fox Theatre played host to the 43rd Annual Dove Awards late last week, yet again honouring some of the most talented on the CCM/gospel music scene. Among the winners this year are rockers Switchfoot, who nabbed the Rock Recorded Song of the Year statue for Dark Horses, off their Vice Verses album. Number one selling Gospel artist of …